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Tea is a plant product that produces a beverage when the leaves are dried and processed. The climate that supports is the cool and wet one that is mainly found in highlands and the tea plant hence takes an average of 5 years from when it’s a seedling to when it grows to produce the first produce. Heavy rains of roughly a thousand milliliters per annum and the red volcanic soils are the best conditions of rain and soil respectively that the plant does best in.

The tea leaves are harvested once in every two weeks and the farmers carry them to the tea sheds where they get weighed and loaded on the trucks which later on take the load and the inventory to the company. Before the tea pellets can be ready for use, the leaves that produce them are selected then dried and later crushed and left for processing into the fine beverage that is stimulating to the mind.

Many consume tea with the breakfast and this is because the commodity has caffeine and acts as a stimulant to the body. The money that farmers receive from companies as payment for the crop is used to support the farmer’s families and help them improve the living standards while a portion goes to the maintenance of their farms.
Tea is produced in many forms and types at the processors example are the white tea, green tea, earl grey and the black tea from the least to the strongest of them all in order. Tea lovers always have a hard time choosing between the tea brands from the tea companies to see which one of them fits their beverage tastes. For this reason it is important to first consider a number of factors before settling on what to buy to avoid a lot of spending.

For starters, the user should identify the amount of caffeine that they love their tea having. Black tea should be considered by those who take in a lot of caffeine in the tea while those who like it lighter in the stimulant can opt for the white and green tea types. There is herbal tea type that is best suited for those who don’t love any caffeine in their tea.

The second consideration to make is if you want a tea type that is flavored or not. Flavors in tea include jasmine, rosemary, strawberries, oolong, ginger, peppermint and chamomile and it now depends on what suits the user. Lastly, the user should check if the tea type they are willing to have is affordable and countercheck with the competitor’s prices and the quantities altogether. The user having considered all these factors can make a decision on what they want and how to have it.

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