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What You Must Note About Mancala Board Games

Board games are not played by a specific age group of people; they are usually played by small children, elderly people, adults or teenagers. You will easily fall in love with board games since they are very simple to learn and easy to enhance the playing skills. If you do not have something to improve your spirits and make you happy, opt to play board games. Curses, Sudoku, cribbage, and Mancala are some of the fun board games that rank top among the favorites of most individuals.

Mancala board games typically provide a kind of entertainment that is fun for every age group. Whether you are 80 or 50, these board games will aid in sharpening your wits for many hours. You can play mancala at whatever place because it is not complicated to play. There are those individuals who will opt to make their different version of the game when they are unable to find the official one.

Basically, the mancala board games comprise of gaming boards of 14 cups. Twelve of the cups are placed at the central part of the board. The centrally placed cups are much smaller in size than those located at the ends. All large cups are at the end of the board; on the right and left side. Playing the game calls for the player to sow the seeds contained I the cups by dispersing them in an anticlockwise manner The process will start from whatever side an individual is playing from, although based on how the game goes, one can find themselves sowing seeds in the cup of the opponent.

The fun will not end there though. Once the player reaches the large cup on their side of the game, they are permitted to drop a seed inside. Also, the more you plant the seeds, the better your chances of winning the game.

Once the smaller cups no longer have seeds inside, then the game comes to an end. The game will also end once the individual with many Mancala in their large cups is established. Either way, reaching this point will need the mathematical skills and strategy on the part of the players. Many individual able to count is better placed to play this game. As a matter of fact, the best players are the one in elementary school.

Finally, those looking for an option to a fun activity, they should consider playing mancala board games. Besides the game being straightforward to play, once seeds are lost they can easily be replaced with another thing like coins or rocks, something small in size. Design is not vital because these mancala board games depend on counting.

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