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Importance of E Book Platforms

In the modern world, the learning process has been made easy since students can access information through the digital platform. This is due to the invention of laptops, tablets that have made it possible for learning to take place. The teachers and the students should be trained on how to use the devices before they are introduced as part of the learning tools. The laptops and the tablets require internet connectivity such as Wi-Fi before they can operate. The following benefits are associated with reading e-books.

After downloading the specific e-books from the different reading devices, deliveries are made instantly. This is not the same case with the printed case as one may be forced to walk from one bookshop to another in search of their preferred books. E book platform gives people an opportunity to purchase a variety of books in the comfort of their homes and learning facilities. People are able to read their favorite e books from the devices they can afford since it is not limited to a particular device. In most cases, people may lose their printed version books but this is not the same case if they have e- books. When one loses their printed version, they must replace them.

E books play a crucial role in conserving the trees since they are not required in the manufacturing process. This is not the same scenario of with printed version which requires the trees in the manufacturing process causing damages to the trees. When one needs a particular information, they can easily download, unlike the printed version which may require one to purchase a textbook. When using e-books, a library will not be required to store the books. The printed version requires a lot of space to store the different books one might be having. E book users can access and store large volumes of books in the different devices.

When one carries e-books, they will not feel any weight. The weight of the different printed version can be heavy for individuals to carry. People will not have to worry since e books are never are out of stock like the printed version. This will ensure that the learning process is not interfered with due to lack of reading materials. E book platform is cost effective compared to the printed version which requires a lot of money in purchasing them. Majority of people may not be in a position to purchase several printed version since they are very expensive. It is crucial for school to ensure that the students have similar learning devices.

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